Sunday, November 7, 2010

Enjoy fresh, simple, and elegant Italian food at Vapianos

    Vapianos is the best Italian food I have had so far in Seoul. With locations in 39 countries, Vapianos has set out to show the world what fresh and authentic Italian food should be like.
     All of the food at Vapianos is made to order. Upon entering the restaurant you receive a swipe card and are seated. Then you take your swipe card and order your food at one of the many stations which include pasta, pizza, salad, dessert and wine bar. The cute Korean chefs are happy to take your order and customize your meal as they cook everything right in front of you. You can stay and watch them cook your meal, or you can return to your table and they will serve you.

    All of the prices are very reasonable and you can have an appetizer, main course, wine, and dessert for around 30,000 won per person. I recommend ordering the bruschetta for an appetizer only 4,000 won, and the carbonara pasta as a main course. The carbonara is only 12,000 won and comes with fresh Parmesan cheese, a light creme sauce, egg, and bacon. Definitley save room for dessert. The panna cotta is topped with raspberry and is served in an adorable mason jar.  As a pretty picky Italian eater, I was pleasantly surprised with how fresh and simple the ingredients were at Vapianos. This is one of those restaurants where you want to savor every single bite; and you are so satisfied that you might even leave a little food on your plate so that you don't feel too full!

    The wine selection at Vapianos is truly amazing without breaking your budget. Order a glass of the Barbera D'Asti for only 8,800 won which comes from the province of Asit in northern Italy near Torino. My good friend Andrea drank this wine every week when she lived in Bologna. This red wine is stored in oak barrels which gives it a sweet yet deep and robust flavor that goes good with almost anything on the menu.

    The coolest part of Vapianos its signature style. They are known for their color red, and providing an urban and upscale interior. Each room has its own style, while keeping with the natural atmosphere. There are hundreds of fresh basil plants throughout the restaurant and if you want you can go ahead and pick your own to eat; however there will be plenty of fresh basil on anything your order!
   This is one restaurant where you can get lost in time. I spent about two hours soaking in the low key yet modern atmosphere. The hip fire place and dim lighting throughout the restaurant made me feel right at home. Not to mention the outstanding service of the chefs, waiters, and clerks who were always checking to make sure you were absolutely perfect.

   There are three Vapianos located in Seoul. Personally, I recommend the location in Gangnam. Simply take Line 2 and exit no. 5 where Vapianos will be directly on the corner on the second floor above the Smoothie King. Gangnam is known for being the much newer and upscale Manhattan part of Seoul, and Vapianos is a perfect way to experience what Gangnam has to offer. Still curious about Vapianos? Visit their international website at Finally, thanks to Christine one of my coworkers students at YBM for sharing Vapianos with us and showing us a great night out in Gangnam!


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