Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Korean honey cookie obsession

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    Yakgwa is a traditional Korean dish. This cute little cookie is made from only 3 ingredients: honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour. How can something with only 3 ingredients be such a problem in my life? I simply cannot stop eating these perfect and not to mention beautiful cookies. Especially when they are bite sized and seem to be a match made in heaven for a cup of green tea.
    Yakgwa can be purchased throughout Korea at specialty Korean restaurants where they are made by hand, or at your local Mini Stop. Everyday on my walk to and from work there are dozens of freshly made yakgwa sitting outside of traditional Korean bakeries in Jongno. They are very inexpensive and will cost you about 1,000 won for three large cookies. If you buy a small package of mass produced yakgwa from a Mini Stop they will only cost 600 won!
    Freshly made honey cookies will be very soft and moist on the inside. Usually when I buy them from one of the bakeries they are dripping with honey and there is actually condensation inside the package. However this honey is not like the super sweet and over-processed honey that we have back in the States. It is a light and delicate taste which compliments the chewier shell. The problem with these cookies is, that they are not so sweet so I actually find myself eating more and more because my stomach doesn't feel sick from too much sugar!
    Luckily, my body doesn't regret all of these cookies because they are actually said to be healthy for you. In Korea during the Joseon Dynasty yakgwa was referred to as a medicinal confectionery. This is because honey was considered extremely good for your health, which still holds some truth today.

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