Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bornga Korean BBQ is a noteworthy chain

    Korean BBQ is a must, and Bornga is one of the most reliable places to order up some meat. Chances are that where ever you are in Seoul, there is a Bornga close by. During my first week in Seoul I went to Bornga in Jongno. This location is great because it is right off piano street which is home to many bars and restaurants. Simply take the last right when entering piano street from the Chonggyecheon Stream.
     Bornga cannot be missed on the right hand side. You will see a restaurant with tons of copper pipes hanging from the ceiling and modern black tables with built in grills. There is a picture menu for those who suck at Korean like me!
     The prices are really affordable if you order wisely. One order of woo samgyup (thinly sliced pork belly) and one order of  Deungshim gui (등심구이- beef loin) will stuff four people and cost around $40 total with a round of beers. 
     The best part about this restaurant is that they really don’t skimp on portions or high quality meat. They give you tons of meat and an enormous platter of vegetables. You will never run out of lettuce for your amazing taco creations. Make sure to dip some of your meat in the sweet and tangy garlic sauce.
     Check out Bornga's website to see one of their 16 locations around Seoul. The addresses are in English, and there is a fully English website coming soon.

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