Friday, October 8, 2010

Making kkul tarae

    Kkul Tarae is a traditional Korean candy made up of 80% honey! Throughout Korea Kkul Tarae is sold my means of a theatrical show. The video above was taken in the historical area of Insadong. The three men take the rock hard mixture and stretch it into 16,000 strands. 
    The mixture is mostly honey and malt which is filled with walnuts. This sweet and chewy treat is definitely worth your money. Most boxes contain ten snacks for around 5,000 won. If you start walking away they might yell back saying "discount!" 
    The candy makers work hard to put on a great show which is often in English and is completely hysterical! During the video you will hear the candy makers say "OMG" and "I'M SO HARD." I'm not sure if they know the other meaning of "I'm so Hard" but I sure got a kick out of that line! 

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