Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sip a Piña Colada on the beaches of The Bungalow Tropical Lounge

    Itaewon is not one of my favorite spots in Seoul, mainly because there are so many foreigners that you forget you're still in Korea. However, if you are really craving some great drinks The Bungalow is the place to go.
    From Piña Coladas, to sex on the beach, and fresh margaritas this place has it all. Most of the cocktails cost between $8 and $10, so plan on spending some money here. I was surprised at how amazing and frothy the Piña Colada was. Having been to Mexico over thirty times I am pretty picky when it comes to the Piña. The drink was served with a fresh piece of pineapple and had plenty of rum.

    Avoid drinks that sound too fruity, especially the long island ice tea. Although they have a decent amount of alcohol, they will leave you with a sugar buzz that will make you crash. There also great side dishes that are pretty reasonable. For $13 you can order a huge club sandwich with french fries. I haven't seen a club sandwich anywhere else in Seoul, so take full advantage of their menu!
    The ambiance of this lounge is one of the main reasons to give Itaewon a shot. There are several rooms throughout the restaurant and some of them include a sandy floor!  There is no better way to enjoy the beach then by sitting in an over-sized swing with a drink in your hand. The largest room also has many colorful chandeliers and a dingy red and green wall which actually reminds me of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Want some privacy? Request to be seated in one of the apartment style rooms and you will feel right at home. The dim lighting and many candles throughout the rooms provide a casual and chill environment.
    The excitement isn't over yet, there is actually a jacuzzi resting at the top of The Bungalow's steps! Apparently during the colder months a few brave souls will hop in and enjoy the tropical atmosphere even further.

Directions to The Bungalow Tropical Lounge- From Itaewon subway station take exit 2 and turn left, take your first right at the main street full of restaurants, walk straight and Bungalow is on your left. 
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