Thursday, October 14, 2010

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila Tomatillo Mexican Restaurant!

                      Yes, Tomatillo imports Mexican beer and tequila to Seoul!
  The food that Americans miss most while traveling and living abroad is Mexican. Whether its the fresh avocados and melted cheese, or carne asada, burritos are a significant portion of any Californian's diet. That's why when I passed Tomatillo across the street from Jongno Tower, I immediately freaked out and ordered a burrito within a matter of seconds.
    Tomatillo is pretty much like the American standards of Chipotle. The set up is exactly the same with a basic menu of a burrito, taco, tostada, and quesadilla.  Picking your meat, tortilla, and your toppings comes first and then you can watch the workers prepare your food in the open kitchen area.
    The quality is pretty decent considering that tortillas and real cheese are hard to come by in Korea. For my first Mexican experience in Seoul I would rate this a 5 out of 5. The food came out fast and was sizzling on my plate.

    The prices are cheap which reflects the simple atmosphere. A burrito costs 6,800 and comes with a tortilla, meat, rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, onions, cilantro, sour cream, and hot sauce. The most expensive item on the menu is the Steak Nacho Grande which runs at 9,000. There are great sides such as tortilla soup, chips and salsa, and chocolate churros to get as much "beaner" in you as possible. There is even imported Mexican beer, margaritas, and shots of tequila (Jose Cuervo)!
    Recently, there is a breakfast menu for those that can't wait until lunch to get their Mexican fix. The newest addition is the breakfast burrito set which includes a 9.5'' breakfast burrito stuffed with egg, bacon, and potato with your choice of milk or coffee.
    Overall, Tomatillo is one of the most consistently fresh Mexican restaurant's in Seoul. Their hours vary by location. Check out their new English website at

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