Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why eat cereal when you can drink it?

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  One morning while teaching a very low level Talk Time 2 class, I noticed one of my students named Irene drinking Denmark Morning Cereals Milk. As a cereal lover, (I ate Cheerios for breakfast this morning) this drink fascinated me. "So what is this drink?" I asked my student. She replied that the milk tastes just like your eating milk and cereal.
    Of course I thought this was crazy. Why on earth would I want to drink a carton of cereal flavored milk? The idea is just too crazy for me. Plus, if you look closely at the carton this milk cereal stuff says it is blended with nineteen cereals! Who on earth would want to taste nineteen different types of cereal at the same time? So of course I promised my student I would have to try this milk sometime. Meanwhile I completely forgot about this magic milk cereal.
    Two weeks later on December 1st I started a new month of classes. I showed up to teach a Talk Time 3 class not knowing who would be in my course. The students didn't even know who their teacher was going to be until I walked in the door. And behold, the second I enter the classroom Irene has a box of Denmark Morning Cereals Milk on her desk. She proudly offered it to me and I accepted it with gratitude and excitement!

    So what do I think of this milk? Alright it is a little strange at first. But towards the end of the carton I started to get used to the flavor. This is a neat solution for those that have little time to eat breakfast in the morning, or for those that simply do not want to do dishes! The taste wasn't so bad, it tasted like a healthy protein drink, and of course like cereal. However, this drink cannot replace the delicious taste and crunchy texture of my Honey Nut Cheerios.
    This milk cereal drink can be purchased in Korea at pretty much any convenience or grocery store for about 2,000 won depending on location.

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  1. I remember having this in Seoul. Do you know if it's available in the US - LA or Hawaii? Great site BTW!