Saturday, December 4, 2010

Korea's kiwi fixation

Korea has just about any kiwi you can imagine including sweet red kiwi.
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   The first time I came to Korea over a year ago I was staying with a Korean host family. Every night after returning home from adventuring around Seoul, my host Mom would set out a huge plate of fruit for her daughter and I. Most of the time there were delicious little slices of golden kiwi, which I had tried for the first time at her home. Never had I tasted such sweet and succulent kiwi in my entire life.
    Now back in Seoul, I found myself craving golden kiwi. Luckily almost every where you go shopping there are tons of kiwis. From the regular green kiwi's that I am familiar with, to the golden kiwi's and even red kiwis. The green kiwis are the cheapest to buy. You can get a huge pack of about 12 of them for around 5,000 won at E-mart or your local grocery store.
    The most expensive kiwi's are the golden ones. They are imported from New Zealand and cost around 1,500 won per kiwi! Although they are the most expensive, the sweet taste is worth every penny. So once in a while I splurge and treat myself to these little golden gems. Often times the box will come with a special treat attached such as a kiwi spoon to help you peal the skin off.
    In the middle price range at 3,200 won for are the beautiful red kiwis. They are very similar in taste to the golden kiwis, because they have a sweeter taste than green kiwis. The middle of each kiwi has a pretty red interior surrounded by a gold color. They are not as sweet as golden kiwis, but are just as delicious.

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