Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enjoy pastry perfection and a weekend brunch at Amandier in Anguk-dong

Freshly made pastries and desserts are Amandier's specialty, and hudreds of macaroons are made daily.
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The pastry shop/restaurant has a lavish interior to suit its upscale menu.
    Nestled between historical Insadong, grand Gyeongbokgung palace, and cozy Samcheongdong lies a little slice of European heaven called Amandier. According to Ten Magazine, Ruben Jan Adrian is a Dutchborn 29 year old pastry chef. With experience working in locations such as Paris, Singapore, and Brussels, Adrian had plenty of experience before opening Amandier just three short months ago.
     Just looking through Amandier's upscale storefront will make your eyes grow wide. There are hundreds of colorful macaroons, decadent chocolates, and pastries so beautiful that you will truly be afraid to touch them. Of course there are fresh bakery items offered each day, and Monday-Friday you can order a lunch sandwich with a free coffee.

The eggs benedict: poached eggs, fresh ham, and sinful Hollandaise sauce.
    Although the restaurant is limited to salads and sandwiches during the week, there is a small and affordable weekend brunch menu offered on Sat-Sun from 10am - 4pm. Don't miss out on this menu! There are only four items and they're all made with perfection: the belguim waffle with maple syrup and butter, a waffle with cafe Americano, waffle with ice cream and cafe Americano, and eggs benedict. The eggs benedict has perfectly poached eggs and a sinful Hollandaise sauce. The spinach added as a layer in between, is a much needed healthy and fresh addition to the buttery concoction. And don't worry, you can get this perfect dish for only 8,000 won!

Chef and owner Ruben Jan Adrian working hard in the kitchen on a Sunday.
    The coffees and teas at Amandier are a little pricey at an average of 5,000 per cup. I recommend skipping the caffeine, and putting that money towards an extra pastry item such as the fresh raspberry macaroon, or a freshly baked carrot multi-grain muffin.


Walk across the street from Insadong Station Exit 6. If your looking at Gyeongbokgung Palace simply make a right on the main street and the restaurant will be a two minute walk.

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  1. Do you have any idea if Amandier is still open?

  2. Hey Jessica,
    It is still open & it is better than before! :D
    It really is a must! I heard the got a new Pastry chef & he is doing a fab job!